An Almost Perfect Week

Estee Lauder had a typical week, but they promoted three collection of products which are fragrance, skin care and makeup products and this is not a intense and concentrated promotion. They basically posted one per day on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and this is what they usually do. But one post of foundation campaign on Facebook was noticeable.屏幕快照 2016-03-11 22.18.25

In the picture, foundations of different shades are equally distributed in the frame and clearly show plenty of choices of foundation for costumers. Though the placement of foundations seemed disordered, all logo on the products are clearly shown towards viewers and give an impression of their logo. “We believe in a strong foundation game.” is another saying of “We think a good foundation is important.”. Estee Lauder used metaphor to make their text less duller. Also, the question followed gives a chance for viewers to freely discuss and therefore gives a sense of fulfilled to audiences who want to get involved in social media. So this is a great use of logos.

Hourglass made a good improvement. Posts are vivid and understandable this week. They concentratedly promote lipsticks and contour products and there were two posts for each of them. But they still post exactly the same feeds on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. One post of powder foundation did a great job.

屏幕快照 2016-03-11 22.43.57屏幕快照 2016-03-11 22.44.16

In the video, the powder foundation is static, but the background is clear flowing water. This ten second video could be totally shown as a static picture, but this video is better than a picture, because the background gives the impression that their foundation is natural, clean and hydrated which are essential to a foundation. The active and vivid video brings viewers more understanding of their products without a single word and also viewers could have their own explanation of the background. Also, in the end of the video, the name of this products is directly and clearly shown to viewers and this brings an rememberable impression of their products. In the text, “miracle for oily skin” exaggerated the function of the foundation. However, for those audiences who want to find a foundation that works for their skin and who are not satisfied with their current look, they could trust it because Hourglass brings audiences a sense of “savage”. This is a remarkable use of logos.

MAC had a plain week. They posted a lots of pictures of Fashion Weeks which are for audiences who are looking for professional makeup, such as fashion brands. Though credibility and reputation are shown, the lack of posts for individual costumers becomes problematic because normally viewers are not interested in exaggerating and professional stage makeup and MAC lost their awareness. However, one post other than Fashion Week is winning awareness.屏幕快照 2016-03-11 23.09.40

Since Oscar Award is now a hot topic both in reality and in social media, mentioning Oscar Award can winning awareness. Also, “our dear friend” shows a good relationship with prizewinners who now well-known in the makeup industry and then MAC’s level of reputation and profession rises. The main audience here is who is looking for professional makeup such as fashion brands, and a smart part of audience is viewers who focus on credibility of a cosmetics brand. This is a great example of ethos.

Overall, Estee Lauder won for this week, but Hourglass is making a huge progress.








Correlation between Cosmetics Industry and Social Media

Cosmetics industry was used to promote through real life such as, billboards, television advertisements, advertisements in department stores and so on. However, after social media became a popular channel to communicate, cosmetics brands focused their “battle field” of promotion on social media. Social media is a channel that people can acquire different kind of information, freely discuss and know about recent news on it. Cosmetics industry is an integrated and developed business in America and people spend a lot in it. If you look at the entire worldwide cosmetic industry, sales reach about $170 Billion dollars a year. It’s distributed pretty uniformly around the world with ~$40 billion in the Americas, ~$60 billion in Europe, ~$60 billion in Australia & Asia, and another $10 billion in Africa. (Romanowski)

Cosmetics industry, as a thriving business, can not ignore promotion. The major difference between promoting in the real life and social media is that people can be more involved in the campaigns, because Social media is a two-way communication between the target audience and the cosmetic provider. The cosmetic companies are able to generate customer feedback via different online presences. Additionally, they are able to use social media to better target and approach their own customers and listen to different voices from them.(Young) Estee Lauder and MAC did a lot of work on communicating with viewers; they replied viewers’ questions related to the post and ask some argumentative questions in their social media. Through frequently engagement with viewers, they successfully increased their awareness and build a reputation of caring about viewers which are crucial to cosmetics business. Besides, for Hourglass which do no have boutiques but only department stores in Sephora, social media is a suitable channel to promote and broaden their awareness.

Also, social media can help them build brand image constantly, because in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, viewers can scroll down the pages and read all their past posts. Viewers can have general impression of brands. Yet television advertisements are just for one time glance. Meanwhile, viewers can choose what they are willing to read when they are skimming a Facebook page. This function hands initiative in to viewers instead of business, so viewers have a sense of dominant position. Estee Lauder is turning their brand image to younger and vivid products, since Estee Lauder focused on promoting their makeup products and invite Kendall Jenner to be their representer. Customers will first get confused with the change, but they can look up to social media to explain the change to themselves.

Promoting in social media is also a great way to lessen the expenses in campaigns. In 2013, cosmetics industry spend 3.6 billion dollars in all channels of advertising, but only about 7700 million on Internet.( With the enormous profit that social media brings to cosmetics industry, the spending has a great cost performance.

Overall, social media promotion is a crucial and influential platform for cosmetics industry.



A Cosmetic Industry Overview for Cosmetic Chemists






A Failed Hourglass Facebook Post

After about a month, Hourglass did the poorest job in social media. The texts are not vivid or catching and images are plain and unattractive. Also, the least viewers are involved compared to MAC and Estee Lauder. Here is a recent post of Facebook.屏幕快照 2016-02-29 15.46.07

This post is problematic. When viewers are first looking at this post, they have no sense of what product is this because the post did not mention the specific name of the product or clearly show what type of products in the picture. I asked my friend if she know what product is this, she tried three times and still did not get the right answer: lipstick crayons. Her confusion can represent the other viewers’ confusion. Especially for viewers who just start to follow Hourglass and have not viewed any of their products campaigns will have no clue of this post. This is a failure of logos because Hourglass who are selling their products place a puzzle that should not appear in a campaign. They assume that all viewers are great observers or experts of cosmetics products and this misassumption finally lead the post to uselessness.

Specifically, the text posted here is way too weak. They simply described strength of lip crayons which are convenient to use and nothing else. No questions or appealing tones are used in this post so that viewers are not involved at all. This can definitely weaken wants of consumers. The only emotional appeal comes with the phrases “effortlessly flattering”. They used viewers’ expectation of being attractive. However, because viewers do not know what kind of products it is, they will not how can those “sticks” help them achieve their expectation and then they lose their interest. Also, the biggest problem of the picture is that it is too blurry. A blurry picture in social media means unprofessional and low quality and this can be destructive to Hourglass whose brand image is luxury. The logo appeared in the picture is too small to observe, so when viewers think about Hourglass, they will not have a clue of what this lip crayon was like. Overall, this post can not be considered as either image driven or word driven.

In total, although they use one emotional appeal with phrases “effortlessly flattering”, this post is effortless instead of flattery because they did not directly show what product it is and with weak texts and picture they failed to rhetorical appeals. Therefore, this post is not effective at all.







Hourglass Is Having a Progress

Estee Lauder did not have much feed this week; about one post each day on Instagram and Twitter and only two posts on Facebook which they used to post a lot on it. They mostly promoted for their cosmetics products. Only a post on Instagram brought me interest.

屏幕快照 2016-02-26 02.55.00

The picture is still their typical luxury style. To fit their “morning”, they used bright light to give viewers a sense of morning. In the text, they listed three steps about how to do foundation with their “Double Wear” and “Advanced Night Repair” in the morning. This clear and direct demonstration of their products used a tone of teaching and instruction, for example, “Prep”, “Use”, and “Finish” and showed the logos Estee Lauder used. Also, only three concise sentences showed viewers that their products can used as simple tools for foundation. Audiences would be more willing to buy their products because of convenience.

MAC had a solid week. They posted pictures mostly about Milan Fashion Week especially on Instagram. Pictures still maintained the style they used last week which is fascinating and exaggerated stage makeup to show they are professional of the products. Also, the “#MFW” won more noticed from viewers who want to know more about Milan Fashion Week by searching the tag. However, there is a noticeable video posted on Facebook.

屏幕快照 2016-02-26 03.20.23.png

The one-minute makeup tutorial video is what MAC frequently post, but this one is different because the speaking language used is Portuguese by the Senior Artist Fabiana Gomes who is a trustworthy on makeup skills. MAC used ethos to win viewers’ trust. Also, Portuguese is a minority language used in the US, so when this Portuguese video came out, viewers who speak Portuguese gain a sense of being noticed and aware. MAC used pathos to get the notice of Portuguese audience.

Hourglass were not active this week. They focus on promoting their contour products and only two posts were other than contour products which were lip liners and eyeshadow. Posts content was the same in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

屏幕快照 2016-02-26 16.30.25

This is post about lip liners. In the picture, all the brand name on the lip liners are facing the viewers, which is a highlight of their brand. Also, there is nothing else other than their lip liners, so they put all concentration on the products and viewers can not be distracted by the other things. They showed all shades of lip liners in the picture to give viewers a clear vision of their products. Most importantly, they said “Thursday morning decisions”. “decisions” is word standing for determination and choices and Hourglass refer this word in their post to give viewers a sense that Hourglass lip liner should be one of their choice. They used logos to make audiences who are looking for cosmetics consider their products. The link attached give viewers a more convenient channel to access to their new products.

Overall, Hourglass improved in their social media skills, so I would give the “prize” to Hourglass this week.












Nowadays, brand is not just a trademark, but an image how people perceive. Therefore, branding becomes a gateway for companies to promote. Meanwhile, Estee Lauder, MAC and Hourglass are utilizing different methods to build their distinct brand image.

Estee Lauder firstly identify themselves as a high-ended cosmetics and skincare brand. High price level is the most direct and object aspect of building their brand image. Also, use of top celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Joan Smalls and Eva Mendes wins people’s trust. Because they are high level celebrities, Estee Lauder show their orientation of luxury goods which are targeting on high income female. And because those celebrities stand for different age groups, Estee Lauder refer that they face to women from in their twenties to in their fifties. However, due to their performance on actively replying viewers, they build a non-distanced and thoughtful image.  Overall, Estee Lauder’s branding is luxury, high quality and zero distance.

MAC usually posts pictures about exaggerated and complicated stage makeup with eyeshadow as a highlight to show their professional skills on makeup and the audiences are those fashion design companies which need sponsors for runway show. Yet most of MAC campaign are targeting to common costumers, so to cater those costumers’ preferences, they post one-minute simple and daily makeup tutorial video presented by professional artists. The main product on promotion is their lipstick which has variable colors; most of them are bold and young colors. Also, MAC cooperate with celebrities to launch colors owned by celebrities to show their creativity and variability of lipstick colors and also credibility.  Therefore, MAC’s branding is young and professional.

Hourglass directly locate themselves as “Luxury Performance Makeup” which is a part of the name of their official site appearing on Google. The most obvious evidence is their high price that is actually not matched with their short brand history. In most of their posts, the color tone is dark but elegant and they prefer to present the sexy, mature and attractive sides of women. So their target group is high income women in their thirties and above. Unlike Estee Lauder who have the same price level with Hourglass, Hourglass barely interact with viewers in social media and trying to maintain their luxury image. Costumers hardly feel Hourglass are willing to adopt their thoughts and care about their doubts. In total, Hourglass’s branding is luxury and elegant.







MAC Rocks

Again, MAC posted mostly about New York Fashion Week on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram during this week. Instagram had the most feed then Twitter. In this case, they were promoting their brand image as a professional and creditable cosmetics brand, but they did not promote specific products. However, an Instagram post not about New York Fashion Week did have a positive impact.屏幕快照 2016-02-19 19.19.24

MAC’s purpose of this post is to demonstrate the audience that they embrace all kinds of beauty and the audience here are people who are minority in a group of people. MAC use pathos to make audience know audience are never excluded by MAC and make them feel that they should be confident with their own style of beauty. Audience then will have an emotional appeal of being accepted and encouraged. MAC use this post that is full of power of confidence and encouragement to win audience undoubted trust. Also, sexism and racism are currently two of the most debatable topics in America. This noticeable post help MAC increase their awareness and build them a positive and active image expression in sexism and racism.

Hourglass did not have much feed this week; only one post for each day. All the content of posts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are the same. There is nothing to compare between posts in these three platforms. Only one post was thoughtful.屏幕快照 2016-02-19 22.48.11

Viewers can notice the picture immediately because the eye-catching color contrast between white background and strong red items in it.  The arrangement of the image is an abstract human face: two parts of lip gloss at upper corner standing for eyes and one blurred lip stamp in the lower middle standing for a mouth. Another item that can not be ignored is the “black mold” next to the mouth. What can we think about with red lip and a black mold? The answer surely is Marilyn Monroe. A direct explanation is “#icon”. Also, the audience here are women who have no plan on Friday and are looking for some inspiration on social media. When audience see this post with the text “Facing the weekend”, they will be captured by this gorgeous and classic red lip gloss with an obvious symbol of beloved Marilyn Monroe. Hourglass uses logos which is their creativity and logical text to be highly noticed by audience. Overall, this is a good work.

Estee Lauder had a quiet week; two Facebook feed about their general products, two self-tweets which are all about their perfume, and six posts mainly about lipsticks on Instagram. So perfume and lipsticks are two major target of promotion.屏幕快照 2016-02-19 23.11.08

First, Estee Lauder use piano as the background to connect with the hot topic, Grammy’s. There are so many items that can stand for music, but piano is the most suitable symbol for classics and elegance. Estee Lauder use people’s common sense of piano to build a high-ended and luxury brand image; a practical use of pathos. Also, “Let us know your faves…” is making a connection between audience who are willing to involve in the social media and producing an opportunity to know what their costumers like. This is a use of logos.

During this month, Hourglass did poor in social media because of their lack of use rhetorical situations, high frequency of posting and few connection with audiences. For example, they sequently post two series of campaign which were confusing and mostly useless for two weeks.

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Standard campaign languages broaden the distance between audience and them because there were no questions that can give opportunities for viewers to involve and professional makeup jargon were not that easy to be understood by most viewers. Without viewers’ awareness, a campaign is just a waste of time.












Generally, Estee Lauder had a weak week. Posts in every platform were fewer than the past few weeks. They posted about Valentine’s Day with images of their products and decoration stood for Valentine’s Day. There was also a post about their Double Wear Foundation and also tagged New York Fashion Week. They tried to relate themselves with a hot topic, but it was too awkward  because apparently they had nothing to do with New York Fashion Week. However, one post about Liu Wen who is a well-known Chinese model and represents for Estee Lauder was a pretty good job.屏幕快照 2016-02-15 19.52.28

Chinese New Year is the most important day during the whole year for Chinese people. So when Estee Lauder greeted Liu Wen, they also greeted Chinese people. Estee Lauder showed that they cared about Chinese culture and Chinese viewers would feel the sense of being noticed. They showed their connection with viewers and used Liu Wen to win viewers’ trust. This is a great example of ethos and pathos.

Hourglass almost did the same job as last week. Their posts in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were the same, except Twitter and Instagram did not have the links to the online shop of their products. Four posts were in a series of contour products in all their three social media platforms. However, some changes were made on these posts. Unlike those confusing posts last week, these four posts were separately posted on four days. With the rhetorical appeal of pathos, Hourglass made viewers to wait for the “next step”.

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However, if some differences between both posts presented, viewers would be more interested in them.

MAC had an intense week. Unlike Estee Lauder, MAC sponsored for the makeup of New York Fashion Week, so they posted over thirty gorgeous pictures about it on Instagram and with the “#NYFW” they successfully and intensely increased their brand awareness. They posted less about New York Fashion Week on Twitter and Facebook which was a smart move because Instagram viewers focus more on pictures and Twitter and Facebook viewers focus more on the general content. Avoiding the repetition increased the effectiveness of spreading campaigns. Except for NYFW events, the other remarkable posts were two videos about makeup skills on Facebook.

屏幕快照 2016-02-16 16.20.38屏幕快照 2016-02-16 16.21.23

Two senior artists demonstrated two simple makeup skills, which are current fashion trend of makeup style with clear explanation and they only took about one minute. Fast and clarified demonstration both saved time for viewers and achieved purpose of selling. MAC used ethos to make their posts more trustworthy and the link to online shop gave viewers a gateway to take a quick look of their products presented in those videos.

Overall, MAC won in this turn.