Estee Lauder Nailed It!

MAC was pretty active during this week. They were promoting the ‘Flamingo Park’ Collection in all their social media with both modelling campaign video and pictures of specific products. Instagram and Facebook posted Ellie Goulding’s interview video about her personal experiences and stories with MAC. Those campaign were normal as usual, but there was one post caught my eyes.

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 10.16.03 AM

This picture gave a strong image for viewers. By just looking at the picture, viewers could notice the sex appealed pose and then the eye-catching red lipstick. The black coat and her black hair contrasted perfectly to her light skin. The smoke added a trait of mystery and maturity to the picture. But when viewers read the text, viewers who did not know Stoya could be shocked by her job as a porn star. In the text, “Uncompromising” showed Stoya’s stable and consistent idea that she was proud of acting naked. This post presented a strong woman. However, I don’t think there was any connections between Stoya and MAC demonstrated in the post. Also, this post was widely discussed by viewers: Some were captured by her unique and mysterious beauty, but some said they were unfollowing. This bold move by MAC brought them to the hot topic and increased their awareness by costumers and potential costumers. Nevertheless, MAC was still not effectively selling their products because they did not mention their products for once in either this post or their full interview with Stoya. Also, representers of MAC was Ariana Grande and Ellie Goulding who were young and lively singers with high reputation and this is the brand image of MAC. Therefore, when this post presented, viewers were confused and their brand image was deviated from the main road.

Hourglass had a fair week. Several posts promoting their lighting powder in all their social media had the same video, pictures and texts. The united content centrally emphasized this product but at the some time bored their viewers. There were also post about notifying where the lighting powder was selling and announcing Hourglass was officially launched in Hong Kong. Only a post about the photographing back stage stayed out of selling products and brought some fashion elements to their posts.

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 11.05.31 AM

Here is a campaign video that declared Hourglass never tested on animals. With the sound of calling of many kinds of animals, viewers fully experienced the tranquil and fascinating nature. The dog paws appealed to emotion of female viewers that was sympathy and love to cute pets. Also, in the text, Hourglass used both “proud” and “never” to confirmedly declare that they do not test on animals. In the other words, they are shamed for those who still test on animals. Therefore, Hourglass will have more supporters becauseHourglass demonstrated their care and ethics to animals that should not be cruelly killed just for testing human’s products. So, through this campaign video, Hourglass successfully build a positive and ethical brand image.

Estee Lauder had a normal week. All the posts in their social media were products campaign pictures and all of them were direct. But there was a great one in Instagram.

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 11.48.29 AM

In this picture, the lipstick seemed like blending into the color and texture of the guava and this appeals that their lipstick was natural and nontoxic and consumers can use it with no concerns. Bold colors became much bold in the front of pale and light colors. Matters in the dish are food and now the lipstick was in the dish which did not mean it was available to eat but meant that this lipstick was necessary to the dinner. Also, in the text, they provided a link to a interview of a blogger, Athena Calderone who talked about her lipsticks color and her style. This is a great campaign for Estee Lauder.

In total, Estee Lauder nailed it with no doubts.








Welcome To the Blog!

Hey, everyone!

I am literally new to the blog. Yeah!!!

I think blog is a place to express my own point of view like in a public diary. So here are my feelings and idea about social media.

After social media perfectly blended into our life, we could gather a lot of information from it, such as latest news, explosive gossip, practical life skills and many other things we could think about. Those are the benefits that social media bring to us, the readers. However, at the same time, social media also bring profits to company and individual web celebrities who treat social media like their working places.

Therefore, the purpose of this blog is to analyze noticeable campaign, special effect and complex relations in social media. Specifically, I will follow the social media of some web celebrities who make makeup videos and cosmetics company. The reason is that I used to learn makeup skills by makeup video but gradually I noticed the patterns of how cosmetics company and web celebrities operate in social media and this caught my interest.

I hope you guys enjoy my blog!