Generally, Estee Lauder had a weak week. Posts in every platform were fewer than the past few weeks. They posted about Valentine’s Day with images of their products and decoration stood for Valentine’s Day. There was also a post about their Double Wear Foundation and also tagged New York Fashion Week. They tried to relate themselves with a hot topic, but it was too awkward  because apparently they had nothing to do with New York Fashion Week. However, one post about Liu Wen who is a well-known Chinese model and represents for Estee Lauder was a pretty good job.屏幕快照 2016-02-15 19.52.28

Chinese New Year is the most important day during the whole year for Chinese people. So when Estee Lauder greeted Liu Wen, they also greeted Chinese people. Estee Lauder showed that they cared about Chinese culture and Chinese viewers would feel the sense of being noticed. They showed their connection with viewers and used Liu Wen to win viewers’ trust. This is a great example of ethos and pathos.

Hourglass almost did the same job as last week. Their posts in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were the same, except Twitter and Instagram did not have the links to the online shop of their products. Four posts were in a series of contour products in all their three social media platforms. However, some changes were made on these posts. Unlike those confusing posts last week, these four posts were separately posted on four days. With the rhetorical appeal of pathos, Hourglass made viewers to wait for the “next step”.

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However, if some differences between both posts presented, viewers would be more interested in them.

MAC had an intense week. Unlike Estee Lauder, MAC sponsored for the makeup of New York Fashion Week, so they posted over thirty gorgeous pictures about it on Instagram and with the “#NYFW” they successfully and intensely increased their brand awareness. They posted less about New York Fashion Week on Twitter and Facebook which was a smart move because Instagram viewers focus more on pictures and Twitter and Facebook viewers focus more on the general content. Avoiding the repetition increased the effectiveness of spreading campaigns. Except for NYFW events, the other remarkable posts were two videos about makeup skills on Facebook.

屏幕快照 2016-02-16 16.20.38屏幕快照 2016-02-16 16.21.23

Two senior artists demonstrated two simple makeup skills, which are current fashion trend of makeup style with clear explanation and they only took about one minute. Fast and clarified demonstration both saved time for viewers and achieved purpose of selling. MAC used ethos to make their posts more trustworthy and the link to online shop gave viewers a gateway to take a quick look of their products presented in those videos.

Overall, MAC won in this turn.












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