MAC Rocks

Again, MAC posted mostly about New York Fashion Week on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram during this week. Instagram had the most feed then Twitter. In this case, they were promoting their brand image as a professional and creditable cosmetics brand, but they did not promote specific products. However, an Instagram post not about New York Fashion Week did have a positive impact.屏幕快照 2016-02-19 19.19.24

MAC’s purpose of this post is to demonstrate the audience that they embrace all kinds of beauty and the audience here are people who are minority in a group of people. MAC use pathos to make audience know audience are never excluded by MAC and make them feel that they should be confident with their own style of beauty. Audience then will have an emotional appeal of being accepted and encouraged. MAC use this post that is full of power of confidence and encouragement to win audience undoubted trust. Also, sexism and racism are currently two of the most debatable topics in America. This noticeable post help MAC increase their awareness and build them a positive and active image expression in sexism and racism.

Hourglass did not have much feed this week; only one post for each day. All the content of posts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are the same. There is nothing to compare between posts in these three platforms. Only one post was thoughtful.屏幕快照 2016-02-19 22.48.11

Viewers can notice the picture immediately because the eye-catching color contrast between white background and strong red items in it.  The arrangement of the image is an abstract human face: two parts of lip gloss at upper corner standing for eyes and one blurred lip stamp in the lower middle standing for a mouth. Another item that can not be ignored is the “black mold” next to the mouth. What can we think about with red lip and a black mold? The answer surely is Marilyn Monroe. A direct explanation is “#icon”. Also, the audience here are women who have no plan on Friday and are looking for some inspiration on social media. When audience see this post with the text “Facing the weekend”, they will be captured by this gorgeous and classic red lip gloss with an obvious symbol of beloved Marilyn Monroe. Hourglass uses logos which is their creativity and logical text to be highly noticed by audience. Overall, this is a good work.

Estee Lauder had a quiet week; two Facebook feed about their general products, two self-tweets which are all about their perfume, and six posts mainly about lipsticks on Instagram. So perfume and lipsticks are two major target of promotion.屏幕快照 2016-02-19 23.11.08

First, Estee Lauder use piano as the background to connect with the hot topic, Grammy’s. There are so many items that can stand for music, but piano is the most suitable symbol for classics and elegance. Estee Lauder use people’s common sense of piano to build a high-ended and luxury brand image; a practical use of pathos. Also, “Let us know your faves…” is making a connection between audience who are willing to involve in the social media and producing an opportunity to know what their costumers like. This is a use of logos.

During this month, Hourglass did poor in social media because of their lack of use rhetorical situations, high frequency of posting and few connection with audiences. For example, they sequently post two series of campaign which were confusing and mostly useless for two weeks.

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Standard campaign languages broaden the distance between audience and them because there were no questions that can give opportunities for viewers to involve and professional makeup jargon were not that easy to be understood by most viewers. Without viewers’ awareness, a campaign is just a waste of time.












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