Nowadays, brand is not just a trademark, but an image how people perceive. Therefore, branding becomes a gateway for companies to promote. Meanwhile, Estee Lauder, MAC and Hourglass are utilizing different methods to build their distinct brand image.

Estee Lauder firstly identify themselves as a high-ended cosmetics and skincare brand. High price level is the most direct and object aspect of building their brand image. Also, use of top celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Joan Smalls and Eva Mendes wins people’s trust. Because they are high level celebrities, Estee Lauder show their orientation of luxury goods which are targeting on high income female. And because those celebrities stand for different age groups, Estee Lauder refer that they face to women from in their twenties to in their fifties. However, due to their performance on actively replying viewers, they build a non-distanced and thoughtful image.  Overall, Estee Lauder’s branding is luxury, high quality and zero distance.

MAC usually posts pictures about exaggerated and complicated stage makeup with eyeshadow as a highlight to show their professional skills on makeup and the audiences are those fashion design companies which need sponsors for runway show. Yet most of MAC campaign are targeting to common costumers, so to cater those costumers’ preferences, they post one-minute simple and daily makeup tutorial video presented by professional artists. The main product on promotion is their lipstick which has variable colors; most of them are bold and young colors. Also, MAC cooperate with celebrities to launch colors owned by celebrities to show their creativity and variability of lipstick colors and also credibility.  Therefore, MAC’s branding is young and professional.

Hourglass directly locate themselves as “Luxury Performance Makeup” which is a part of the name of their official site appearing on Google. The most obvious evidence is their high price that is actually not matched with their short brand history. In most of their posts, the color tone is dark but elegant and they prefer to present the sexy, mature and attractive sides of women. So their target group is high income women in their thirties and above. Unlike Estee Lauder who have the same price level with Hourglass, Hourglass barely interact with viewers in social media and trying to maintain their luxury image. Costumers hardly feel Hourglass are willing to adopt their thoughts and care about their doubts. In total, Hourglass’s branding is luxury and elegant.








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