Hourglass Is Having a Progress

Estee Lauder did not have much feed this week; about one post each day on Instagram and Twitter and only two posts on Facebook which they used to post a lot on it. They mostly promoted for their cosmetics products. Only a post on Instagram brought me interest.

屏幕快照 2016-02-26 02.55.00

The picture is still their typical luxury style. To fit their “morning”, they used bright light to give viewers a sense of morning. In the text, they listed three steps about how to do foundation with their “Double Wear” and “Advanced Night Repair” in the morning. This clear and direct demonstration of their products used a tone of teaching and instruction, for example, “Prep”, “Use”, and “Finish” and showed the logos Estee Lauder used. Also, only three concise sentences showed viewers that their products can used as simple tools for foundation. Audiences would be more willing to buy their products because of convenience.

MAC had a solid week. They posted pictures mostly about Milan Fashion Week especially on Instagram. Pictures still maintained the style they used last week which is fascinating and exaggerated stage makeup to show they are professional of the products. Also, the “#MFW” won more noticed from viewers who want to know more about Milan Fashion Week by searching the tag. However, there is a noticeable video posted on Facebook.

屏幕快照 2016-02-26 03.20.23.png

The one-minute makeup tutorial video is what MAC frequently post, but this one is different because the speaking language used is Portuguese by the Senior Artist Fabiana Gomes who is a trustworthy on makeup skills. MAC used ethos to win viewers’ trust. Also, Portuguese is a minority language used in the US, so when this Portuguese video came out, viewers who speak Portuguese gain a sense of being noticed and aware. MAC used pathos to get the notice of Portuguese audience.

Hourglass were not active this week. They focus on promoting their contour products and only two posts were other than contour products which were lip liners and eyeshadow. Posts content was the same in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

屏幕快照 2016-02-26 16.30.25

This is post about lip liners. In the picture, all the brand name on the lip liners are facing the viewers, which is a highlight of their brand. Also, there is nothing else other than their lip liners, so they put all concentration on the products and viewers can not be distracted by the other things. They showed all shades of lip liners in the picture to give viewers a clear vision of their products. Most importantly, they said “Thursday morning decisions”. “decisions” is word standing for determination and choices and Hourglass refer this word in their post to give viewers a sense that Hourglass lip liner should be one of their choice. They used logos to make audiences who are looking for cosmetics consider their products. The link attached give viewers a more convenient channel to access to their new products.

Overall, Hourglass improved in their social media skills, so I would give the “prize” to Hourglass this week.












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