A Failed Hourglass Facebook Post

After about a month, Hourglass did the poorest job in social media. The texts are not vivid or catching and images are plain and unattractive. Also, the least viewers are involved compared to MAC and Estee Lauder. Here is a recent post of Facebook.屏幕快照 2016-02-29 15.46.07

This post is problematic. When viewers are first looking at this post, they have no sense of what product is this because the post did not mention the specific name of the product or clearly show what type of products in the picture. I asked my friend if she know what product is this, she tried three times and still did not get the right answer: lipstick crayons. Her confusion can represent the other viewers’ confusion. Especially for viewers who just start to follow Hourglass and have not viewed any of their products campaigns will have no clue of this post. This is a failure of logos because Hourglass who are selling their products place a puzzle that should not appear in a campaign. They assume that all viewers are great observers or experts of cosmetics products and this misassumption finally lead the post to uselessness.

Specifically, the text posted here is way too weak. They simply described strength of lip crayons which are convenient to use and nothing else. No questions or appealing tones are used in this post so that viewers are not involved at all. This can definitely weaken wants of consumers. The only emotional appeal comes with the phrases “effortlessly flattering”. They used viewers’ expectation of being attractive. However, because viewers do not know what kind of products it is, they will not how can those “sticks” help them achieve their expectation and then they lose their interest. Also, the biggest problem of the picture is that it is too blurry. A blurry picture in social media means unprofessional and low quality and this can be destructive to Hourglass whose brand image is luxury. The logo appeared in the picture is too small to observe, so when viewers think about Hourglass, they will not have a clue of what this lip crayon was like. Overall, this post can not be considered as either image driven or word driven.

In total, although they use one emotional appeal with phrases “effortlessly flattering”, this post is effortless instead of flattery because they did not directly show what product it is and with weak texts and picture they failed to rhetorical appeals. Therefore, this post is not effective at all.








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