An Almost Perfect Week

Estee Lauder had a typical week, but they promoted three collection of products which are fragrance, skin care and makeup products and this is not a intense and concentrated promotion. They basically posted one per day on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and this is what they usually do. But one post of foundation campaign on Facebook was noticeable.屏幕快照 2016-03-11 22.18.25

In the picture, foundations of different shades are equally distributed in the frame and clearly show plenty of choices of foundation for costumers. Though the placement of foundations seemed disordered, all logo on the products are clearly shown towards viewers and give an impression of their logo. “We believe in a strong foundation game.” is another saying of “We think a good foundation is important.”. Estee Lauder used metaphor to make their text less duller. Also, the question followed gives a chance for viewers to freely discuss and therefore gives a sense of fulfilled to audiences who want to get involved in social media. So this is a great use of logos.

Hourglass made a good improvement. Posts are vivid and understandable this week. They concentratedly promote lipsticks and contour products and there were two posts for each of them. But they still post exactly the same feeds on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. One post of powder foundation did a great job.

屏幕快照 2016-03-11 22.43.57屏幕快照 2016-03-11 22.44.16

In the video, the powder foundation is static, but the background is clear flowing water. This ten second video could be totally shown as a static picture, but this video is better than a picture, because the background gives the impression that their foundation is natural, clean and hydrated which are essential to a foundation. The active and vivid video brings viewers more understanding of their products without a single word and also viewers could have their own explanation of the background. Also, in the end of the video, the name of this products is directly and clearly shown to viewers and this brings an rememberable impression of their products. In the text, “miracle for oily skin” exaggerated the function of the foundation. However, for those audiences who want to find a foundation that works for their skin and who are not satisfied with their current look, they could trust it because Hourglass brings audiences a sense of “savage”. This is a remarkable use of logos.

MAC had a plain week. They posted a lots of pictures of Fashion Weeks which are for audiences who are looking for professional makeup, such as fashion brands. Though credibility and reputation are shown, the lack of posts for individual costumers becomes problematic because normally viewers are not interested in exaggerating and professional stage makeup and MAC lost their awareness. However, one post other than Fashion Week is winning awareness.屏幕快照 2016-03-11 23.09.40

Since Oscar Award is now a hot topic both in reality and in social media, mentioning Oscar Award can winning awareness. Also, “our dear friend” shows a good relationship with prizewinners who now well-known in the makeup industry and then MAC’s level of reputation and profession rises. The main audience here is who is looking for professional makeup such as fashion brands, and a smart part of audience is viewers who focus on credibility of a cosmetics brand. This is a great example of ethos.

Overall, Estee Lauder won for this week, but Hourglass is making a huge progress.








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